Cynthiana Furniture branching out

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Now offering new furniture at Church Street business

By Ben Hyatt

Cynthiana Furniture will now be offering a wide selection of new, affordable furniture for customers in hard economical times.

The story behind Donald Northcutt and his furniture store may be as interesting as the fact that he will now be carrying new furniture.

“I actually came into the business about 26 years ago when I bought the business and merchandise from Tolle’s Furniture Store,” said Northcutt. “It was two 2-storied buildings that were full of stuff to the ceilings.”

Northcutt said once he had tested the waters and learned the art of selling furniture and antiques, he ran a successful and profitable business.

In 1997 Northcutt was forced by the flood damage to move to his current location on South Church Street in an old tobacco warehouse.

“We have had problems with people not knowing that we are here due to it not looking like a furniture store,” said Northcutt. “I have even tried painting the building yellow so it draws more attention to the building.”

Northcutt said he has decided to start carrying new furniture due to declining economic times for the normal family.

“I used to carry more used furniture, but since no one can afford new furniture the amount of used has decreased drastically,” said Northcutt. “Now I try and focus on having things that the normal family can afford to buy.”

Northcutt said since he now buys all of his furniture through factory direct outlets, he is able to cut cost on all items that he has in his store.

“I have bed frames as low as $60. That is something that the working class can actually afford,” explained Northcutt. “The store is open to anyone but the working man is who we have in mind.”

Northcutt added that he also has a wide variety of newly, used carpet.

“What I do is buy carpet that has been used at shows but never laid in any home,” said Northcutt. “I have it marked down low enough that you could actually carpet a whole room for under $100.”

Northcutt said he has a wide variety of sofas, recliners, bedroom suits and dinning suits available at his store at all times.

“We also carry a variety of affordable used appliances such as refrigerators and stoves for anyone not able to go spend thousands on the latest and greatest,” explained Northcutt. 

 For more information about Cynthiana Furniture, contact them at 234-1008 or visit them at 313 S. Church St.