Cynthiana firefighters thanked for assistance

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By The Staff

To the editor:

It seems like everything we hear these days is negative. You know - bad economy, businesses closing, lost jobs and so on. We thought we could share some thoughts that might start people thinking positive, at least locally.

A couple of weeks ago, we had local contractors lined up to remove a very large fan from the basement of the museum. The fan was so big it appears the building had been built around it back in 1920. The only way to remove the fan was cut it into pieces. The floor directly above the fan is in need of repair and was inaccessible without removing this fan, therefore forcing us to proceed with the project in spite of what we feared to be a serious fire hazard. The contractors would be using cutting torches within inches of very old, highly flammable lumber. With this is mind, and vivid memories of past local fires started by contractors performing repairs, we contacted the Cynthiana Fire Department to be on standby. Their response was immediate and so much more than we could have imagined. Chief Sanders, along with other department members came to the museum, made a quick assessment of the situation and immediately dispatched a fire engine and dropped a hose into the basement. At least one and usually more firemen remained throughout the day. All turned out well and the firefighters and equipment were not used. But we all had a much better day knowing that if a spark should end up in the wrong place resulting in ignition of the building, some of Cynthiana’s finest were poised and ready to do what they do best.

What we are trying to say is ‘thank you’ to the entire Cynthiana Fire Department and to local government for continuing to support this wonderful group of firefighters. We hope everyone will take a moment to thank a firefighter at the earliest opportunity.

Billy Fowler

Cynthiana-Harrison County Museum