Cynthiana Dental Center holds ribbon cutting ceremony for their new location

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By Kristie Hamon, Summer intern
A new dental center opened March 5 in Cynthiana.
The Cynthiana Dental Center is run by Drs. Jason McIlvain and Jewell Meade.
Meade said she and McIlvain worked together at a dental center in Paris and had wanted to open a center in Cynthiana in a few years. She said they didn’t think it would happen this soon though.
Everything started falling into place, Meade bought the land and building and then the construction began.
In February 2011, Meade said she signed the intent to buy the land and in July 2011 they began construction.
While Meade owns the land and building, McIlvain said they are 50/50 business owners.
Meade said it took them seven months to get it all finished before opening March 5, 2012.
She said they had a lot of work to do when they first began. The foundation and steel frame of the building were about the only thing salvageable, Meade said.
“It was in terrible condition,” Meade said. “We have made a diamond out of a piece of coal.”
She said the building they are in is a town landmark.
Before the building sat empty for about four or five years, Meade said it used to be the location of Tussey Furniture and was once a freight loading dock.
“We took a landmark and renovated it and turned it into a running business again,” Meade said.
By completely renovating the building, they were able to customize the dental rooms as mirror images of each other across the hall. This is because Meade is right handed and McIlvain is left handed.
They are also looking to lease the adjoining building to a local business.
Meade lives halfway between Paris and Cynthiana and McIlvain lives in Cynthiana.
“I was born and raised and never left,” McIlvain said.
Meade said she has been working at her office in Paris for 19 years and will continue working there as well as in Cynthiana.
She said she will work in Paris three days a week and work in Cynthiana two days a week. McIlvain will work in Cynthiana four and a half days a week.
They said they wanted to start a dental center in Cynthiana because they saw a need for it here and because people would drive from Cynthiana to Paris to get their teeth taken care of.
“For many years I’ve had a lot of patients driving from the Cynthiana area,” Meade said.
Meade said she is very thankful for their staff. She said everyone on their staff has previous dental experience.
The center offers complete family dentistry, including all basic dental services like wisdom teeth, fillings, crowns, cleanings as well as OR dentistry for kids, and they offer IV sedation.
Meade said they also see patients with mental handicaps. She said they will see all ages, one to 100.
She said she currently does OR work in Bourbon County and will be doing it at Harrison Memorial Hospital by August.
She said they can meet almost any patient’s needs, but said if they have to refer someone elsewhere, they refer them locally.
“We try to meet their needs without having to send them out of town,” Meade said.
She said they received patients from Falmouth, Pendleton and Nicholas counties since opening.
Meade said in the future she hopes to have two dentists at the office all day, every day.
They accept almost all insurance including Medicaid and have payment options available.
The Cynthiana Dental Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. except Tuesday. Tuesdays they are open 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Throughout the week they are closed 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch.
To make an appointment call 859-234-9944.