Curves "feed the need" kickoff March 11

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Curves International announces its 15th Annual Food Drive, “Feed the Need,” and challenges Curves’ club members in the U.S. and Canada to meet a 100,000 donation goal during the two-week period of March 11-23.  
Each club, including Curves of Cynthiana, is asking its members to donate bags of non-perishable food or cash to support their local community food bank.  
In addition, Curves of Cynthiana will waive the joining fee for new members who bring in a bag of non-perishable food or donate $30 to their local food bank during the two week period.
This offer is based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 month e.f.t. program or joining Curves Complete.
When combined donations from all Curves clubs reach the 100,000 donation goal, Curves International will donate 10 percent of its March 2013 profits to “Blessings in a Backpack,” a non-profit organization that ensures that impoverished elementary school children are fed on the weekends throughout the school year.
“This year’s theme, ‘Feed the Need,’ really represents both what we want to accomplish with this year’s food drive and what we do as a business,” said a Curves of Cynthiana staff member. “We want to help feed local families and school children who would otherwise go hungry on the weekends – and we also want to ‘feed the need’ of local women for a health and fitness program that fits their busy lifestyle.”
Total contributions to local food banks from the annual Curves Food Drive top 75,000,000 pounds of food, according to Curves Vice President of Marketing Mike Raymond.  
“Each year, we encourage our clubs and members to donate even more than the year before. Our annual food drive is a great way for members and their communities to fill a real need by restocking the shelves in local food pantries across the U.S. and Canada during a time when they are usually low.”
For more information about Curves of Cynthiana, located at 1050 US Hwy 27 S, Cynthiana, KY and the 2013 Curves Food Drive, contact a Curves of Cynthiana staff member at 859-234-8099, curvesofcynthiana@gmail.com or Curves of Cynthiana on Facebook.