Cruise control is ‘ill advised’ in some circumstances

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By The Staff

To the editor:

You recently published a letter from me in regards to dangerous driving on US 62 (Cynthiana Road). Thank you. I wanted to inform your readers of a possible concern I became aware of afterwards - using cruise control on one’s vehicle on wet surfaces. Whenever cruise control is on, two other factors come into play.

1.) In order to maintain a constant speed, sometimes the vehicle will accelerate on its own... which could cause you to hydroplane, and thus lose control.

2.) I believe it also disengages the anti-lock brake function (check with an expert on this).

As I said in a previous letter, I like using cruise control. But, there are some circumstances when it is ill advised... wet surfaces being among the worst. Thank you for making your readers aware!

Victor Colvin

Georgetown, Ky.