Crosbie will do us proud as state treasurer

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To the editor:
I write in support of the candidacy of K. C. Crosbie for State Treasurer.
Because we sometimes enter the voting booth and see names of candidates about whom we know little, I will introduce her. K. C. Crosbie is a petite young woman, married with three children, and a U. K. graduate. She faced hardship early in life when, as the youngest of five children she lost her father to untimely death. She herself narrates these circumstances with the calm manner of a person to whom the overcoming of adversity is a thing unremarkable, routine and expected.
Mrs. Crosbie has been elected three times to the Lexington City Council where she has provided a sane and conservative voice in a body where sanity prevails sometimes and conservatism seldom.
She agreed to undertake the rigors of a statewide campaign more from a sense of duty than a motive of personal ambition, aware that the future prosperity of Kentucky depends on the ascendance of more common sense policies.
She is, and has demonstrated herself to be competent, hardworking, level headed and conscientious.
If elected, she will be, in her person and her conduct, an ornament to the commonwealth and she will do us all proud.

Roger Brill
Cynthiana, Ky.