Crash puts end to high-speed police chase downtown

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By Becky Barnes

For the second time in as many weeks, a police chase that originated in another county ended with a crash in Harrison County.

Cynthiana Police Cpl. Walter Tapp said that April D.  Caskey, 29, faces a long list of charges in Harrison and Bourbon counties after a Saturday evening pursuit.

According to Tapp, Cynthiana’s 911 dispatch involved local law enforcement at 5:02 p.m.

Tapp said Paris Ptl. Chris Livingood attempted to stop Caskey in Paris because he had three outstanding warrants. He also suspected she was driving without a license and that there might be drugs in the vehicle.

The pursuit continued into Bourbon County on Peacock Road to Ruddles Mills Road and onto KY 36 East.

Tapp was waiting at Cherry Lane and was nearly run off the road by Caskey.

“She was not going to stop for anyone,” Tapp said, noting that her speed through Cynthiana was over 60 mph.

He said he had two opportunities for a pit maneuver, which is when the officer’s cruiser is used to disable a suspect’s vehicle. However, Tapp said that in both instances there were other vehicles that would have been involved as well.

At Miller and Pike, Caskey nearly struck Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Barnes’ cruiser as he joined in the chase.


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