Court ups budget for Parks and Rec., jail

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By Ben Hyatt

The Harrison County Fiscal Court passed the first reading of an ordinance that will include an additional $83,570 in the budget for the remaining fiscal year.

With March 1 approaching, which marks the date when the Parks and Recreation Committee will assume all recreational responsibilities, the fiscal court is pressed to pass a budget amendment that will include funds needed for operation of recreation.

Of the $83,570 included in the ordinance, $60,570 will be designated to fund parks and recreation for the remaining three months of the fiscal year.

The remaining $23,000 will be earmarked for the jail budget, of which is all new funding by grants.

The court passed the first reading of the ordinance by a vote of 5-2, with magistrates Bradley Marshall and Bradley Copes voting against.

During committee reports, Magistrate Missy Lutz, who also serves on the Parks and Recreation Committee, informed the court that interviews for the director’s position has begun with five candidates. 

Lutz said a decision may be made as soon as Friday for the position.

Also discussed during committee reports was the road budget.

“We are way under costs due to a mild winter,” said road supervisor Jamie McCarty. “The bins are full and it has basically allowed us to work on other projects ahead of time.”

 Finally, Harrison County Clerk Linda Furnish presented the court with excess fees collected in the sum of $18,863.