County shows slight growth

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By Becky Barnes

We’ve grown a little. Not by leaps and bounds mind you, but certainly a respectable increase.
Since the 2000 Census where Harrison County recorded an 18,250 population, we’ve experienced a 3.27 percent rise to 18,846, according to statistics released this month.
While we didn’t match with the state’s overall increase of 6.08 percent, we certainly fared much better than our eastern counties where it appears residents are heading out. Harlan County suffered a 12.78 percent decrease in population compared to Scott County’s 40.72 percent growth.
In our own region, Robertson County was the only county adjacent to us to show a decline in resident numbers with a negative .65. However, when you look at the population totals, that amounted to 15 people leaving the state’s smallest county.
Harrison and its six adjacent counties combined for a huge swell of 15,324 people. The majority, 13,650, was experienced in Scott County. However, of the seven counties, Scott had the greatest growth followed by Harrison County with 596 newcomers.
Where those changes are being felt may surprise you. Harrison County’s black population declined by 16.12 percent while the number of residents of Asian descent grew 58.33 percent. Hispanic growth was 53.88 percent.
The bulk of the growth came in the white population with 585 new residents. Our multiple race change amounted to a 53.47 percent growth there as well.
Harrison County remains a fairly diverse county. While there are not huge numbers of the various groups, there is an American Indian population as well as those claiming Hawaiian descent.
It’s been several years ago that I attended a diversity fair at the CEC building where various groups brought wares that represented their heritage.
It was all very interesting. How different would such a fair be today if each of the groups counted in our 2010 Census could show the rest of us their customs.
Perhaps a sharing of culture would help us all better understand each other. How interesting it would be for a Taste of Harrison County to include some of the various “tastes” of our minority population.
And, newcomers, if you haven’t been warmly greeted since you came to Harrison County, may I extend a hand in welcome.