Countdown of greatest superheroes

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By Ben Hyatt

Most of the time I have to think before I am able to write my column for the week.
However, on Monday morning, which started out as one of the worst in a long time, I simply had an idea slam into my head.
I love looking on the internet to see top 10’s of different categories.
Whether it is top 10 movies, athletes, college sports or dumb quotes of all time, I like to research those.
The lists of top 10’s go on forever.
This week I would like to take a trip back to my childhood and my top 10 list of a certain area which I and most young boys love to talk about... superheros.
That’s right, superheros. They were in comic books, daytime telovision and some were great enough to make  it into the movies.
Since students are off this week for spring break, I thought it may provide some interesting reading for them and I encourage anyone to submit their top 10 list via letter to the editor.
My top 10 list looks like this:
At No. 10 we have none other than the environment friendly Captain Planet.
He is super strong, super fast; he can fly and can manipulate the weather, which tends to make me wonder if he is real or not considering the weather lately.
Captain Planet started his television debut around the early 90’s and ran until May of 1996.
Captain Planet and the Planeteers  put an end to the destruction of the earth each week as they fought against their rivals such as Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm, Duke Nukem, Hoggish Greedly, Zarm, Looten Plunder, and Sly Sludge.
Captain Planet will forever be one of the elite in any conversation involving true superheroes of the past.
Coming in at No. 9 is the Green Lantern.
This hero dates back to the All-American Comics in 1940.
He has almost everything a superhero could want including the ability to fly, teloport, hypnosis, green energy field, light beams and he could translate all languages.
Now the Green Lantern is somewhat of a harder hero to follow because it is not just one hero.
A ring is entrusted to a person giving them the ability to join an elite squad of law and order enforcing superheroes.
In 2011, Ryan Reynolds starred in a remake of the masked green hero that so many comic book readers came to love.
The movie may not have been as big a hit as expected, but nonetheless, the Green Lantern still makes the top 10 with no dispute.
Coming in at No. 8 is Wonder Woman.
Any guy who liked superheroes must have had a crush on her at one point or another.
She had speed, agility, could fly, and had great hand-to-hand combat skills.
Although no one to this point, as I know it, has made a movie about this superhero, I would think that Ann Hathaway would do an amazing job of portraying the very nicely built woman of steel.
At No. 7 is He-Man.
There could be some debate as to if he is really a superhero or not, but the simple fact that he had amazing strength and could slash through his opponents with his indestructible sword puts him in the top 10.
At No. 6 is a character who brought joy to the soldiers fighting in the trenches during World War II, Captain America.
Steve Rodgers, the alter ego to Captain America, was given a special serum which in return gave him enormous fetes of strength and agility when facing the Axis powers of World War II. Not to mention the cool shield that he had could be thrown at enimies.
Although the character faded after the war, he was popular enough to make his own movie in 2011. He is a true American icon to all war time comic book readers.
No. 5 is The Flash.
Who is the Flash?
Several men have assumed the role of the comic book hero actually.
His lightning speed has made him a physics nightmare.
He basically defies every conclusion developed by Albert Einstein as he races around the world fighting criminals such as Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Trickster and Captain Cold.
Face it, anyone who beats Superman in a foot-race is cool.
At No. 4 is a green monster of a man named The Hulk.
He has the ability to heal himself, has super strength and can breathe under water.
After Dr. Bruce Banner, alter ego to the Hulk, exposes himself to a bomb blast, he transforms into a green muscle-bulging fighting machine.
Perhaps the Hulk is best known by the physical image of Lou Ferrigno, who played the Hulk in the television series. Big guy.
Dropping into the top three is Spider-Man.
What high school guy would not want to be Peter Parker, the guy who is bitten by a spider and transformed into a crime-fighting phenomenon.
Whether he was fighting the Sandman, Electro or the Green Goblin; Spiderman did it with style.
Just falling short of No. 1 is Superman.
“Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.”
As a reporter you have to appreciate Clark Kent.
He was picked on by so many, but kept his cool at all times.
There have been so many knockoffs from the original Super-Man comics, but most notably would have to be when Christopher Reeves took on the role.
Admit it, at some point all men have wanted to take the role of the red cape-wearing superhero... minus the blue tights of course.
Toping the chart at No. 1, of course would have to be Batman.
Not only does he smash crime in the face, he is also a billionaire.
I myself would love to drive a Rolls Royce by day and a kick-butt, modified tank at night.
Whether you were out on a date with celebrties or back at the cave with your butler who designed cool gadgets for you to use, being Batman would be awesome.
It cannot be disputed, in my mind, that Batman will forever be No. 1 when the topic of superheroes is in discussion.
As I said, I encourage any young superhero fan to send their list of top 10 superheroes into the Democrat.
The address is 302 Webster Ave.