Copper telephone wiring taken from rural AT&T sites

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By Donald Richie

Residents in several areas across Harrison County were without phones last week after copper thieves struck AT&T lines.

Harrison County Sheriffs Dep. Chris Shields said main lines were cut in four areas across the county sometime early Thursday morning.

They were: U.S. 27 North at Northside Drive, U.S. 62 West at Ky. 353 (Russell Cave Road), U.S. 62 East at Salem Pike and Ky. 392 (Republican Pike) at Shaw Lane. AT&T reported about 200 outages related to the thefts.

Most of the thefts were from where the lines entered switch boxes close to ground level.

One of those, however, was a good size heist.

Shields said at the intersection of U.S. 62 and Ky. 353, about 200 feet of line was taken.

They put a ladder on the line, climbed 15 feet and cut it themselves, he said.

At press time, Shields said there were no leads and no suspects in the thefts which werent reported until Sunday.