Controversial pipeline would graze county

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By Ben Hyatt


Northwestern portions of Harrison County have been listed as a potential spot for sections of a new Bluegrass Pipeline.

According to Harrison County Judge-Executive Alex Barnett Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, comprised of partnerships responsible for the transportation, storage, gathering and processing of natural gas and liquids, have proposed a new section of pipeline that may include a small portion of Harrison county.

“The area, which is very minimal, includes the Stringtown Webber and Hinton areas of northwestern Harrison County,” explained Barnett. “Again, the project only outlines a proposed line and may not include Harrison County at all.”

The new line, which will connect to an existing line in Breckinridge County, will transport natural gas liquid from Mercer, Penn., and Marshall W. Va.

The line, which is nearly 60 percent complete, will total 1,100 miles long and will provide producers with 200,000 barrels of liquid per day with the ability to produce 400,000 barrels if needed.

“Natural gas in the northeast is currently abundant and they are simply looking for a way to move it from there all the way to an already established center in Louisiana,” explained Barnett.

However, according to Barnett all counties in Kentucky are not on board with letting the Bluegrass Pipeline project run through their land.

“Franklin County is in the process of passing a resolution that would not allow the project to pass through,” said Barnett. 

Barnett said that he had spoken with some state leaders about the probability of the private company trying to use the immanent domain to acquire property for the project. 

“As far as I know, since it is a private business, I do not think they can acquire land the same way the government can for projects,” explained Barnett. “That of course would not be something that I am for if they chose to pursue that.”

Barnett said since the project is still in its early stages, the “waiting” game would be played.

“Myself and the magistrate of that district, Larry Wells, have agreed to wait and see what happens,” said Barnett. “As long as it is safe, would not harm the value of property in the area and homeowners would be given a fair price for the land acquired, I would assume that we would leave it up to the home owners as to whether they would sell their property or not for the project.”

Barnett said that open informational meetings will be held at Williamstown City Hall-Senior Center on Tuesday, Aug. 6, and Paul Sawyer Public Library in Frankfort on Wednesday, Aug. 7, starting at 5 p.m.

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is responsible for approximately 12 percent of the nation’s average daily consumption of natural gas.

 Boardwalk Pipeline Partners is stationed in Houston, TX.