Connersville Christian hires Ashland native to lead church

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By Ben Hyatt

Some want to be doctors or lawyers when they are young, but Warren French knew at an early age that he was destined to do something much more divine.
Barely a month ago, Connersville Christian Church put an end to a vacancy that had the church without a senior minister.
To fill the position, the Lord sent an Ashland, Ky., native to once again lift the spirits of the growing country church.
“I am enjoying every second here so far,” said French. “Everyone is extremely positive and very welcoming to me and my family. I look forward to doing ministry with them.”
French, earned his preaching degree from Kentucky Christian University in 2002. Jan. 9, 2011, was the day that he was able to walk through the doors of Connersville Christian as a full-time senior pastor.
“This is my first senior pastor position,” said French. “I intend on learning just as much from them as they intend on learning from me.”
Since the sixth grade, French has felt called to do God’s work. Being very involved in youth programs at his church, French was able to hone his skills to better prepare him for a life filled with service to the Lord.
“From the sixth grade I have felt called to be a preacher,” said French. “My youth minister, Mark Angel, saw the potential in me and made opportunities for me to teach our youth.”
Even though this is his first head pastor position, French does bring with him several years of experience in delivering the word of God.
French dedicated seven years of service to God, as he lived and spread the word in of Haiti.
“A position came open to start a Bible college in Haiti, so I went there for seven years,” said French. “Sometimes it was very difficult to live there, but the people made it very rewarding in the end.”
French said that mission work will be heavily emphasized and encouraged in the church.
“The church also has a passion for mission work,” said French. “This was one of the factors that heavily attracted me to come take this position. They want to reach out to the lost and that is a positive foundation.”
Connersville Christian is currently without a youth minister. French said that he intends to be involved with the youth as much as possible and plans to be a positive influence to them.
French said that he challenges the congregation to submit and have the most personal relationship with Christ possible. French said that by surrounding one’s self with Christ, they open a door for positive changes to occur.
“Sometimes we believe in him (God) but have nothing personal with him,” said French. “I want people to have the opportunity to have their lives changed positively by having a strong and personal relationship with him.”
French’s vision for the church is very plain and forward. He wants everyone in the church to step up and be what God wants them to be.
“I want us to be a body of Christ,” said French. “I want us to be unified and hold strong together. I want us to be a welcoming church.”
French is still living in Ashland with his wife Claudia, and two daughters, Arwen and Leia.
The family plans to move to Harrison County as soon as the church’s parsonage is ready for them to move into.
Connersville Christian Church is located at 2190 Ky Hwy. 1842 East. Family Fellowship begins at 9:30 a.m, with Sunday School following at 10. Morning worship begins at 11 a.m.