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By The Staff

To the Harrison County High School Thorobreds... now known as the 2010 State Baseball Champions:

Wow! State champs!

Congratulations on a job and season well done! All your hard work paid off, as you ended the season on a definite high note - claiming the title of Kentucky’s best!

We’re sure not every baseball practice or game was fun this year. We’re sure there were days that were hot (especially in Las Vegas). We’re sure there were days that were rainy. There were probably umpire calls you didn’t think were fair. Perhaps there were even days when Coach Mac Whitaker was a little grouchy.

But it’s because of your dedication to see all those days, practices and games through (whether good, bad, exciting or boring), that we now all celebrate with you!

Thanks for giving us a reason to cheer - in the bleachers, in a victory parade to the hilltop baseball field and at Applebee’s Park.

Thanks for giving us a reason to buy a new champion t-shirt, paint our faces marroon and white or write “Go Breds” on our bodies. These chances don’t come around everyday. Thanks for letting us share your ride down victory lane!

Thanks for putting Harrison County on the map and for representing this community in a way that makes us all proud.

We appreciate you... and appreciate the fact you didn’t sport team mohawk haircuts for the tournament play (like some of those other teams from Louisville... wink, wink).

And props to Whitaker and the rest of the Thorobred coaching staff! Your dedication and continued support of this community’s young athletes is a very special gift that will be treasured by all fortunate enough to experience it.

There’s no doubt about it... This state championship has been fun and exciting for our community.

So, to you, our state champs, congratulations once again!

Now’s your time to celebrate. So, lean back, smile and bask in the glory that comes with being a champ!