Community getting in gear for seasons

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By Ben Hyatt

Since writing for the paper, every other week I sit in front of my computer pondering the events that have taken place recently and try to come up with a column.
However, there has been so much that has gone on and will be going on that I am finding it too difficult to narrow my column down to just one story idea.
So, I thought a general overview of ideas may be the best avenue for this week’s column.
First of all, 94.5 FM has broken the ice. Yes, that’s right, Christmas carols are on the air for another month and a half.
I used to never really listen to the station at this time of year until I stripped tobacco for a few farmers and then I became brainwashed into enjoying the sweet sound of Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” or Dean Martin’s “Let it Snow” while I pulled leaves from stalks all afternoon.
I would venture to say that ‘Christmix’ as 94.5 calls it, is somewhat of a kick-off to the holiday season. It let’s us bad kids know that it is time to straighten up and fly right because Santa Claus is watching us.
• • • • • •
Speaking of Christmas, the dreaded Christmas shopping  season will go into hyper mode with parents shopping for their kids’ latest and greatest gadgets and toys... you know the ones they kick and scream for in the stores.
The reason I bring up Christmas shopping is to remind all the readers that beginning on Nov. 26, the Cynthiana Harrison County Chamber of Commerce will kick-off a campaign to encourage all citizens to buy local.
During an interview with Chamber director Pat Grenier I asked for current statistics on how much is spent in Cynthiana during the holiday season.
Unfortunately, Grenier was unable to provide an exact figure.  However, I was informed that the statistics would have shown that most local businesses see little increase in the amount spent at their stores during holiday purchasing.
I know that big box stores will always be a necessity due to the fact that Cynthiana is unable to provide all necessary accommodations for checking off each item needed on the Christmas list, but there are some things that can be purchased locally, which in the end goes toward benefiting the customer and our local businesses.
For more information regarding the Buy Local campaign, see my story elsewhere in this week’s edition.
• • • • • •
The “rut” will be in full swing this weekend. With whitetails being chased all over Harrison County hunters are not the only ones that need to be on their guard.
Each year deer collisions result in millions of dollars in car damage. According to the Kentucky Sate Police, the average car repair bill due to a deer collision is estimated at around $3,000.
The average of deer collisions in Harrison County is said to be around 32 per year, according to the Kentucky Sate Police data.
So drivers, be on your guard at all times due to the increased activity of deer during the rut season, which will last from the middle to late November and again during the second rut later in December.
Hunters be sure to wear hunter orange during modern firearms season, which starts this weekend and will continue until Nov. 27.