Community Action Council challenges the community to help the elderly

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Summer Cooling Program

The projected heat can put the sick and elderly at high risk. For those with medical conditions like asthma, allergies, lung and heart disease and other respiratory problems, the added stress of summer temperatures can be life threatening. To reduce the threat, Community Action Council’s Summer Cooling Program has started accepting applications for assistance.
The Summer Cooling Program provides air conditioners to people who need but cannot afford them.  Low-income residents in Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas counties may apply for assistance if they have a medical need for cool air circulation. An applicant will need to have a form letter from the Council completed and signed by his/her doctor explaining the medical need for an air conditioner.
Each year the Council’s Summer Cooling Program assists low-income residents whose health is threatened by high heat and humidity as verified by their doctors. “The temperature has already been really hot this spring, which makes this program a priority for our elderly and sick neighbors. We need to be aware of our neighbors in these conditions and let people know there is help available,” said Cameron Minter, Public Information Specialist. Through the Summer Cooling program, the Council is able to place air conditioners in homes to help relieve the threat of injury or death due to heat exposure.
The program runs solely on the generous donations from community members. A contribution of $100 is enough for the Council to place an air conditioner in someone’s home. Donations are accepted online, by check or money order or in person at any of the Council’s locations across Lexington-Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas counties.
The Council supports low-income people through advocacy, service delivery and community involvement.
For more information call Community Action Council at 859-233-4600 or visit the center at  217 Old Lair Road, Cynthiana, 859-234-2121.