Classes resume with one-hour delay on Tuesday

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By Becky Barnes

Harrison County missed its fifth straight day of classes on Monday following the paralyzing snow/ice storm that blanketed much of the state.

However, it appears that classes will resume on Tuesday on a one-hour delay.

Superintendent Andy Dotson said Monday morning that  two key elements had to be considered. There are still numerous homes without power and the condition of bus turn-around areas were in question.

Dotson said it may be better in some cases to have classes to get children out of homes that don’t have electricity.

Assisant superintendent DeeGee Fischer said that in some cases families have either gone out of the county or at least sent their children to relatives while their electricity is off.

“We want to do what’s best for the kids,” he said.

He said the school parking lots have been cleared and principals are checking their buildings to make sure everything is ready for a possible return to class.

As well, Teresa Harp, transportation director, was checking road and turn-around conditions Monday morning.

Check back for updates.