City Hall renovations will be finished in time for basketball season

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By Becky Barnes

It’s the same, but different.
It’s tagged the Cynthiana-Harrison County Sports Center, but for many it will always be City Hall.
It’s a gymnasium, but it has a beautiful new hard maple floor.
It’s a place to play basketball, but it also has floor locks to accommodate volleyball.
There’s still green paint, but it’s new and clean and will also be covered under the goals by 12 feet of padding.
There are new restrooms, not just remodeled old restrooms.
There is a new floor-level director’s office, players benches, scorer’s table and upstairs storage. There are new storm windows and three ceiling fans.
It’s old, but new again.
And, it will be ready for this season’s basketball leagues.
Cynthiana finance commissioner Billy Grayson credited David Kennedy, administrative assistant, with seeing the project through.
There’s still some work to be done, Grayson said, but the majority of the project is complete.
The floor is being sanded and readied for its sealant and stripes. The wall pads are still installed and the bleachers painted.
There will also be hand rails added to the bleacher steps, Grayson said.
A scoreboard is still needed. Grayson said they thought they had one donated, but that fell through.
Ideally, someone else will step up with the $4,000 needed for the scoreboard, Grayson said.
Had it not been for the donations, Grayson said the project would not have gone to the magnitude that it has.
It all started with a $15,000 donation that the city was to match. When the donor visited the gym, he told Grayson he would just go ahead and give the amount so that work could proceed.
Taken from that was $5,800 to remodel the restrooms three years ago.
However, when Grayson went back for a look-see at City Hall, he found the restrooms once again in a deplorable state.
“I realized then that we couldn’t do a partial renovation,” Grayson said.
Soon an anonymous philanthropist offered $20,000 for the City Hall project with an additional $20,000 if the city could raise $20,000.
Done, done and done.
“There are a lot of people making this work,” Grayson said.
Anyone who has played on the  City Hall floor over the last 10 or 15 years, has learned to jump areas that were warped or where the floor had buckled.
Grayson said he has been told the floors buckled after a steam issue occurred under the floor.
There is no longer any steam running under the floor. In fact, there is a drain pipe being installed in front of and around City Hall now to keep moisture away from the floor. There is also a vapor barrier underneath the floor.
“It’s really going to be nice,” Grayson said. “And, we want to keep it that way. We owe it to the people who have donated.”
Grayson said he wants to stress that the Sports Center is available for use. However, it needs to be used in a way that will not disturb the work that’s gone in to making improvements.
He said guidelines will have to be established to help with maintenance and use.
Grayson anticipates an open house will be held in mid November. That will coincide with sign ups for basketball league play, which he said usually begins in December.