City budget restraints to cause project delays

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By Kate Darnell

After meeting last Thursday to work on the city’s budget as a commission, Commissioner of Finance and Public Property Mark Mattmiller said many of the city’s projects will have to be delayed.

“Each department had to make a lot of cuts in what they had originally projected,”ee^Mattmiller said.

With a list of each department’s expenses, commissioners worked Thursday to prioritize that list.

Mattmiller said revenues for the year were down slightly.

“Because of recent shortages over the last few years, there have been a lot of unmet needs and that persists,” Mattmiller said Monday. “And it’s important that the commission... start to find new sources of revenue.”

When commissioners finished meeting Thursday, Mattmiller said he was confident with the proposed budget.

“I feel really good that we got a balanced budget,” he said. “...I don’t think there’s any doubt it’s a good budget.”

Mattmiller declined to comment on salary increases or health insurance changes, stating that the budget has not been formally approved by the commission.

Mattmiller said the commission will vote to approve the proposed budget later in the month.