Citizens concerned with state of affairs

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I am a concerned citizen of Cynthiana and I am writing because it is a shame that working people can’t get help but people who are not working can get help.

I’m speaking particularly of people on welfare and other government stuff. If this town can’t help working people then working people shouldn’t have to pay taxes for people who don’t work.

It’s bad when working people ask for help and they are turned down. If you are a working person, please step up and speak out on the behalf of the working people, so this town will know how we feel.

Oma Shadd


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To the editor,

When are the local merchants going to cut the bull by playing with the public’s pocketbooks?

It’s a dawg-gone shame that we have to go to Lawrenceburg, Lexington, Georgetown or Paris to get gas under $3 a gallon. It’s $2.92 in Lawrenceburg and that just makes my blood boil.

This town also makes my blood boil. I am not a proud citizen of Cynthiana and will no longer vote for any city officials because they are doing no more for us than the local gas merchants.

I believe in total fairness.

Sandy Sageser