Citizen should have the right to sell flowers in town

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By The Staff

To the editor:

I’m wondering what has happened to our town. My caretaker, Angie Dawson grows flowers and sells hanging baskets. She had been trained with the Farmers Market, but did not want to sell at the park this year, so she went to the Mayor and County Judge and purchased her license to sell here in town.

She had sold her baskets the first few Saturdays this month with no problems. Then, this past Saturday, the police told her she was no allowed to sell at the spot she had used all that time (with permission from the railroad). She showed her license to the police, but was told to move on.

If people can have yard sales and sell everything from clothes to flowers without a permit, why wasn’t Angie given the same privilege? And I may add that these yard sales were held all over town and not all were held in private yards, etc. Where is the justice and why single out one person?

I believe that if she had still sold through the Farmers Market, she would not have been singled out. Why is it that some organizations can do as they please or run the town their way and not get shut down? Or why does the Mayor and County Judge sell her a license and then repute it without a reason? Give back her money or let her sell her goods.

Right is right and wrong is wrong, and this is wrong. So, we do not have the right to sell? When did our freedoms stop?

Patsy Hill