Chambers family owed a public apology

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To the editor:
I was recently reading all of the letters that were written to your paper regarding the story condemning William Chambers on the day of his death. I totally agree with everyone on this matter and I was reminded of something that happened to me two years ago. We requested for you to write about it in your paper and you refused to for fear that you would be sued for printing it.
I was misdiagnosed at our local hospital and had gone totally paralyzed upon being discharged. Thankfully, my boyfriend took me straight to Cincinnati where I was put in ICU and on a respirator. I nearly died and ended up being there for eight months.
We later found out that another woman in our town went through the same thing at the same hospital. Her husband got her to Lexington on time.
This disease is called Guillain-Barre syndrome. It is very rare but treatable if caught in time. We only wanted you to print it so maybe they could be more aware and cautious when it comes to something so life threatening, not because we wanted to sue the hospital or even condemn them... just to make everyone more aware.
You chose not to print it for fear of being sued. My question to you is were you not in fear of maybe being sued by a family having to read such slanderous comments about their son on the day of this death?
How awful his mother must have felt. You truly need to think about what you should and shouldn’t write. I honestly think the Chambers family is owed a public apology.
Cindy Otis