Cemetery should be named ‘Pitiful Grove Cemetery’

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By The Staff

To the editor:

A couple of weeks ago, I was called and asked by my friend to go to the Pythian Grove Cemetery in Berry. We both have family and friends buried there. She said something was wrong with the maintenance of the cemetery and that I needed to check it out.

Upon arrival I didn’t understand the urgent call. Along the roadside and fence it looked nice. I proceeded to where our families are buried and the farther back to my right I was shocked to see my parents and friends buried in a hay field. Grass was over my feet and ankles and weeds were up to my knees. As I looked around, other plots were mowed here and there. This site should be named Pitiful Grove Cemetery. How disrespectful. How sad.

I was so disappointed to see this mess. Some monuments were hidden due to the growth. From childhood, I always remembered how beautiful this cemetery was. After the passing of my parents, this was one thing I didn’t have to worry about - the plot would remain clean and beautiful.

Now it will take trimming, mowing , trimming again and it would have to be raked. Not one man could tackle this job. What a mess!

After some investigation, we found who was responsible for the upkeep. Also, we found that individuals should not have to tend to their graves because there is money in an account to cover the cost of maintenance.

What has happened? Rain? No excuse. There have been beautiful days and evenings when this job could have been done. Too many men and women need jobs and would be grateful for that job. We want answers.

Paulette Jones

Harrison County