Carey to finish England's board term

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By Becky Barnes

Kristy Carey views her appointment to the Harrison County Board of Education as bittersweet.

Carey will be filling the unexpired term of Joe England, who died earlier this year.

"I had great respect for Joe," Carey said Tuesday afternoon. "He had so much knowledge of education."

Carey, whose appointment was announced by state Commissioner of Education Jon Draud on Friday, will have to resign from her parent representation on the high school site based council before being sworn in to the school board.

"In the back of mind, I thought I would run if Joe ever retired," Carey said. "I think this board has done a great job. I would never have run as long as Joe was in that position."

Carey said there are several things to look forward to including the new superintendent and the hiring of a new football coach.

Carey will continue as Division 3 representative through the end of 2008. She said she will seek re-election.

Division 3 consists of the voting precincts of Eastside, Extension Office and Leesburg. According the county clerk's office, that generally includes Eastland Estates, Salem Pike, Country Club Estates, Cook Road, Millersburg Pike, New Lair Road, South Edgewater, Wornall Lane, portions of U.S. 62 West, Smith-Martin Lane, Leesburg Farms and portions of Switzer Pike, as well as other roads in those areas.

Carey and her husband Larry live on Republican Pike with their two children Johnna, who will be a senior at HCHS this fall, and Christian, who will be in the seventh grade.

She said she is very interested in academics. However, she said it is important that the school system prepares students for the next phase of their lives.

"Not every student is college material," she said. "Whatever that next phase is, they need to be prepared."

Carey is also an advocate of parental involvement. She noted that every parent is not going to serve on the site-based council or school board, but there are many ways to be involved.

Carey began her first board representation on the United Methodist Pre-School board when Johnna was attending the school. She later became involved on site-based councils at the middle school and high school levels.

"I look forward to working with the board members," Carey said. "I respect them and think they have done a great job."