On the campaign trail

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By Becky Barnes

Will the madness stop?
Each year at election time, the commercials and news clips become almost unbearable. Well, not almost, most assuredly unbearable.
Enough with the mudslinging!
Tell me why I should vote for your candidate. What makes him qualified for the position?
Also with each election comes the Democrat’s practice of accepting candidate endorsement letters to the editor.
Highlight the word “endorsement.”
No attack letters. Just give us the information that will help of make an informed decision on Nov. 6 at the polls.
We do not accept letters the week prior to an election. This gives us an opportunity to make any corrections that we or the writer may have made.
Therefore, any candidate endorsement letters must be received at our office no later than noon on Monday, Oct. 22.
Each letter must be signed. The name will be printed. It needs to be an actual person, not a group. We also need a day-time telephone number. That will not be published. If we cannot verify your letter by press time, it will not be published. Thus, it is important to give us a reachable number.
Elections are important and necessary.
It’s also important to make an informed decision when that curtain closes behind you on Nov. 6.
Educate yourself by reading a candidate’s why fors and why nots.
Also, protect your right to vote and report any attempts to fraudulently gain your vote.
Locally, County Clerk Linda Furnish would be the contact person should anything illegal be happening with the election. There is also the Attorney General’s election fraud hot line that is open throughout the year. That number is 800-328-VOTE (800-328-8683).
In the 2012 primary election, the hot line received 31 calls that resulted in 32 complaints being filed.
In just a few weeks, the election will be history. I can’t wait for the final votes to be counted and the last commercial aired.