Busy community is a successful one

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By Becky Barnes

I’m excited for Cynthiana and Harrison County.
There are some good things happening here that are moving us along.
I hear the negative comments. I know we need industry and we need jobs more than anything else, but to paraphrase my grandmother, sometimes you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
We’re not going to solve world hunger here, but we can certainly take pride in the good things that are happening.
We have the new Lions Club gazebo at Flat Run Veterans’ Park, where we have also finished a wonderful Farmers’ Market season.
Right now, a multitude of cleats-wearing munchkins are running up and down soccer fields at Flat Run.
Those youthful athletes will one day grow up to form the Fillies’ and Breds’ soccer teams that are today boasting district titles!
As the soccer season wans and thoughts turn to the hardwood, how awesome is it that we will soon have a spanking new City Hall gym floor?
As I entered the gym earlier this week, I felt my eyes tear up.
Wow! What a change.
The winter-leaguers will have a new home.
No more nasty restrooms in the dark depths of City Hall.
It’s a wonderful place now. And, much of it came from volunteers and donations.
There are still people who take pride in Cynthiana and Harrison County.
I wish it were more.
Last weekend the Champions for a Drug-Free Harrison County had their annual BBQ Cookoff.
That has to be the best deal of the year and if you didn’t make it down Saturday, go ahead and mark your 2013 calendar for next year!
For a mere $8 you get all the pork you can eat and a drink. Your belly gets full and you help support the important efforts of the Champions program.
Also on Saturday was Safety Day for the fire departments. Another important program and one that our local first responders are passionate about.
We witnessed the ribbon cutting and grand opening of a new addition to our Licking Valley College that will be  home to an already successful nursing program.
Work is continuing on the bypass that will help our commuters get to and from Lexington and Georgetown with more ease and speed.
Obviously, the best situation would be that there would be plenty of jobs and opportunities here in Cynthiana so that we didn’t need to send our folks out-of-town for jobs. That’s going to take more than just hopes and dreams.
So, the bypass is the best option.
The Licking Valley Singers are gearing up for their fall program and will have another grand performance Nov. 9 and 11.
And, don’t forget about the harriCYN Community Theatre’s plans for a spring performance of To Kill A Mockingbird.
Becky Smith, a talented actress in her own right, will be directing this presentation, along with help from previous directors and support crew.
She’s holding auditions beginning Nov. 3. If you have an interest in theatre, please audition for a part. Put your talent to use.
There are so many things that have or are happening here in our little town.
If athletics don’t interest you, try out our musical or theater offerings.
And if you aren’t involved already, join in.