Board praises Dotson’s first year as Harrison County superintendent

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By Kate Darnell

The Harrison County Board of Education released the results of its annual superintendent evaluation this week.

Taken individually by school board members and then compiled, the results rate Harrison County Superintendent Andy Dotson’s ability to meet the goals set by the board at the beginning of the school year.

“The board is thrilled with the work Mr. Dotson has done,” said Chairman Ed Taylor. “The board is ecstatic with the progress he’s made.”

Dotson received perfect ratings in the ‘Student Achievement and Learning’ and ‘Labor Relations’ categories.

Taylor said Dotson had faced several hurdles at the beginning of Dotson’s first year on the job, including two state-mandated budget cuts requiring a budget trimming of $300,000.

“He’s been able to do it,” Taylor said.

Taylor said Dotson hadn’t received any rankings other than ‘excellent’ or ‘outstanding’ from each of the five board member.

Dotson was also graded on leadership, communications, organizational management, curriculum planning development, instructional leadership, and human resources management.

“He had big shoes to fill,” Taylor said about Dotson’s hiring following the retirement of Dr. Roy Woodward. “He (Dotson) has filled those shoes hands down.”

Among many of the goals set by the board, Taylor said one goal is for Harrison County schools to be ranked among the top 10 schools in the state.

“It’s possible,” Taylor said. “I think we’ll get there... I’m as ecstatic and optimistic in the future as I’ve ever been - even with the budget cuts.”