Big thanks to the baseball team

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By The Staff

To the editor:

Don’t look now, but little ol’ Harrison County is moving up the ladder in all-time baseball state tournament wins. Harrison County now has four state titles. Next in our sights is St. Xavier who has five, then on to Manual and Owensboro who have six each. Maybe we can catch them in the next couple of years! Okay with you, Mac?

Congratulations to Coach Mac Whitaker and his staff. Accomplishments like this don’t happen by having an occasional practice and a run of good luck. These achievements are a result of hard work, much practice, a year round dedication to the task at hand and the student-athlete who truly knows there is no “I” in team. Many, many sacrifices are made by the players, coaches and families of the players to make their dreams come true. So the next time you see them on the streets of Cynthiana, give them a great big pat on the back and a “thank you” for what a  fun ride they gave us, the fans.

Here’s mine: “Thanks, guys!”


   Al Isaac