BGE reminds customers to verify workers’ IDs for safety

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By The Staff

As police in Lexington and Sadieville search for suspects who are posing as utility workers, Blue Grass Energy reminds its members that they should ask to see BGEnergy photo IDs of workers, and to call the co-op at 888-546-4243 if they are concerned.

“Safety is our number one priority, and we urge our members to use precautions if they are worried about a worker on their property,” said Cathryn Gibson, vice president of member services and economic development. “We want our members to ask for photo IDs, and we want them to call us if they have doubts about someone at their home. We can tell them right away if we do have someone working there.”

All BGEnergy workers in the field carry photo ID cards bearing the toll-free number 888-546-4243. Contractors for Blue Grass Energy also carry ID cards.

Field workers such as line technicians and right-of-way tree trimming crews have no reason to enter a member’s home. When possible, they notify the homeowner before working on the grounds.