Best books for 2009

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By Jeneen Wiche

Yes, I realize the value of the internet and the information that is available at a click of a mouse, but I still prefer the book. Maybe it’s because we have pokey-slow-country-dial-up that reaching for a book proves faster and more efficient for me. Maybe it’s just that I like the tactile experience of a book.

I like a book that tells a story while teaching me a little something along the way;   I like when the writer’s personality if revealed in their prose; and I like when a book makes me feel like I am not the only one that marvels at what nature and people can do.  Here are my 2009 picks for just this sort of thing.

Bernd Heinrich always makes my annual list if he has published something new.  Heinrich is the author of several award-winning books including two favorites, Winter World and The Geese of Beaver Bog.