Berry post office needs help

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To the editor:
This letter concerns the patrons serviced in the 41003 zip code area. Are you aware the Berry Post Office is in jeopardy? The postal district has decided to cut the operating hours to three or four a day. The next step most probably will be to close the office all together. All the details have not been finalized as of this date.
As you well know, when the services of any establishment are changed for any reason, the public usually loses. The biggest lose will be your inconvenience. If the decision to close the Berry Post Office at this time is made, it will cost you your money, gas, time and a very big hole in the heart of the community. You will be forced to go to either Cynthiana, Corinth, Falmouth or Williamstown to buy a stamp and conduct all your signature mailings as well. Your rural carriers will be forced to service more patrons. This will probably cause further delays in this service also. (The government frowns on overtime.)
Berry was a very thriving little city at one time. It wasn’t to long ago there was a high school, bank, department stores, restaurants, barbershop, a deer check station, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, garages, train depot, lumber and hardware and many more forgotten businesses.
Now there is a funeral home and the fire companies. Yes, there is still a City Hall of sorts. The hours there are limited now too. How long will that last? There is a data center with limited hours also. Soon the post office will have limited hours.
What can you do to help prolong this from happening? A start would be for the people of the 41003 zip code area to petition the postal district to keep the hours as they are. There is a very capable young lady, Michelle Morgan, who was trained under the watchful supervision of the previous post master, Wyanda Cordray, operating the office at the present time. Michelle is a well-known and well-liked neighbor to all of you. The impression is she would very much like to serve there full time.
If you would like to keep her and your post office, fight for them. There are approximately 1000 families that will be affected and with at least four per family, that is 4000 people more or less. That number can make a difference if heard from now.
Captains will be assigned to certain areas on their roads, neighborhoods and blocks to collect names for the petitions to be sent to the postal district to keep the 41003 area as it is. If you can be a captain, please sign up at Ken Williams Value Center on the Lafferty Pike. Also there will be a sign up sheet at the Colemansville Grocery for captains too.
These captains will basically go from door to door asking you to sign a petition. Captains will be contacted with further instructions as to what areas they will be covering. If anyone has any other suggestions or comments as how to save the Berry Post Office, please advise. Your questions and comments may be directed to your retired post master, Wyanda Cordray at phone number 1-859-234-3048 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. If you are not present at the time of the collection of names by your neighborhood captain at your home, you may sign a petition sheet that will be posted at Ken’s and Colemansville. Please do not duplicate names. To be legal, your name and address must be correct.
This petition can be very effective in keeping the Berry Post Office open and the carriers on the road to serve you. So many things are going by the wayside today, don’t let this be another.
Thank you,
Jayne Newman