Baseball continues without Reds, should UK football fans expect more

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

I would have enjoyed the National League Championship Series more if the Reds would have been playing the Cardinals.  
I really believe that they are the two best teams in the National League despite the Giants winning the series with the Reds.  
Injuries are part of every sport and sometimes they come at the worst time like the injury to Johnny Cueto, but I still believe the Reds had the better lineup even without him.  
Give the Giants credit though; they made the most of each opportunity such as the passed ball by Hanigan and the error by Rolen.  
The double steal tried by Dusty was statistically sound based on the poor job the Giant pitcher did holding on runners and the history of making contact by the batter at the time, again Hanigan.  
Sometimes things just do not work out.  
Now the Reds will make some changes for next year probably including Rolen retiring and searching for someone to replace Stubbs in center.  
Frazier is perfectly capable at third base so that shouldn’t be an issue, but centerfielders are sometimes difficult to find.  
The Reds did win the Central Division with Stubbs in center and will be a factor next year with him again so that is not a big problem.  
The Cincinnati pitching is very good and actually got better at the end of the season as Homer Bailey improved a great deal.  
The short relief and Chapman as closer could hardly be better, so just a tweak here or there and the Reds should be set.  
The health of Dusty Baker may be an issue for the Reds since the veteran skipper had some heart problems late in the season so that could impact the success or lack of success for the Reds in 2013.
Blanton Collier’s daughter expressed her opinion that, to paraphrase, Kentucky football fans should quit complaining about Coach Joker Phillips because it has been years since it has been any different in football at UK.  
I am told that she likes Coach Phillips so she wanted to defend him and she also coyly brought out that her father was the last football coach to have a winning overall record.  
Blanton Collier’s last year in Lexington was 1961 so it has been a few years since a coach’s career at UK ended in a positive light.  
But is the lack of success the only reason for the discontent among UK football fans and do they not deserve better even if lack of success is the norm?  
I believe that the way the Wildcats lose and how the coaches thought processes are reported have much to do with the unrest among the fans.  
When Hal Mumme was in Lexington, UK did not have a significantly better won-loss record than they have had under Phillips. But they were losing while scoring a lot of points with an exciting offense and the fans, while wishing they would win more, kept coming to the stadium to see the fireworks.  
This year’s Wildcat edition has scored only 38 points in four SEC games and to no surprise has not won a game in conference nor will they be favored to do so.  
This is bad enough for the loyal fans but when you put these facts with the comments like the Wildcats matched up with Western’s athletes, the fans, while loyal for now, will continue to turn on the program.  
I believe that the fans deserve better, but I am not sure it is going to happen.  After all basketball is all that really matters in Lexington, so just dress up, go to the tail gate party and come home.  
As long as the football program doesn’t bring the NCAA investigators to campus, the administration isn’t likely to make waves.