Back-to-school means shots and records updates

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By The Staff

The Harrison County Health Center provides a wide variety of services for the school age child. For school aged children, up-to-date immunization certificates are also required by the school.Required immunizations are available for every school age child under 18.

Parents of preschoolers, kindergarten and sixth grade students need to schedule a physical for their child prior to the beginning of school. Costs for exams at the Health Center are based on a sliding fee scale. This scale takes into consideration the number in the household and household income.

Two new vaccines that are recommended but not required beginning at age 11 include Menactra for meningitis and Gardisil for cervical cancer. Fees are charged for vaccines based on the number and type of vaccine given.

Young preschool and kindergarten children can benefit from our dental varnish program. Infants with their first tooth through children age six qualify for this fluoride treatment. This solution is applied to each tooth and helps to seal the tooth and prevent the formation of cavities. There is a nominal fee for those who do not have Medicaid for this service.

These are just a few of the services provided by the local Harrison County Health Center that can assist parents in getting their child ready for school.

For more information on services or to schedule an appointment, contact the Harrison County Health Center at 234-2842.