Ask God to enlighten our minds during voting

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To the editor:
I am a Christian, Catholic, veteran; along with my two brothers we served 54 years. Needless to say, we are proud of our heritage and we served to protect.
However, our present president and some of the legislators, have failed to realize the contents of our constitution- “protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
Look at the accomplishments of our present president and legislators who are seeking re-election.
1) ”We are not a Christian country.”
2) He has told foreign dignitaries “We are a weak country.”
3) Our foreign policy is weak.
4) Our national debt continues to increase.
5) He got rid of Osama Bin Laden.
6) With a look at re-election he bailed out GM and Ford. That’s a union vote for sure.
7) He is bringing our troops home without consideration of results.
8)We need new jobs with less government interference.
9) He suggests changing our constitution to benefit certain groups. Ex. let all immigrants to enter America without any thought. (My mother came to the USA and went through the proper procedures including time spent at Ellis Island.)
The US Department of Health and Human Services programs mandate all Christian organizations to provide health insurance plans to provide sterilization, contraception and other aborting drugs. The domino effect is in the future or sooner.
A woman up east was pregnant, went to the hospital for an ultrasound to determine whether it is a boy or girl. She was told, “Congratulations you are going to have a girl.” “No way! I want a boy! I want to have an abortion!”
Where is our value of life?
I don’t want my tax money to support mandates that are against religion freedom, freedom which is universal for all people, Christian or not.
If politicians continue to ignore the basic principle of life, ignoring moral and ethical decisions, maybe we should stop backing and reconsider why we are here.
With elections just around the corner, think, study all candidates and ask God to enlighten our mind.
I am Catholic, Christian and a proud veteran.
John Schrieber