Argo and the class of 2013

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To the editor:
Did you catch it? It was a trailing sentence at the end of  Chris Terrio’s acceptance speech for the “Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)’ Oscar  for the film Argo.
Mr. Terrio finishes with this…“And so I want to dedicate this to…the people all over the world in the U.S. and Canada and Iran who use creativity and intelligence to solve problems nonviolently.”
This has struck a deep chord in me, and it is something I have thought about in relation to the HCHS graduating class of 2013.  
My daughter wears this t-shirt from a local church with the words, “People Matter Most” on it. The fact that she even wears it, tells me that her generation understands that we need to do something different.  
We need to put people first, and not objectify life and address one another with hostility. It is going to take creativity and intelligence to break down our older modes of thinking, our outdated reactions to violence, and our war-prone mentality that sees retaliation with arms as a useful strategy to threats.   
I see something different and new being exemplified in our youth today. I see peace and non-violence are in fact a reality and that they embrace taking  care of one another in our own backyards—the backbone of larger scale peacekeeping and non-violence.  
They will be smarter than us, dig deeper for solutions to everyday problems, and hopefully will do a better job at making “people matter most” in a non-violent world that makes humanity better.  
Cheers to your futures class of 2013.

Heather Ladick