Arena closing after 17 years; family recalls its history

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By The Staff

To the editor:

On Sept. 21, 1991, 17 years ago, the C&W Horse Show Arena held its first show. The show was sponsored by the Cynthiana Jaycees with a wonderful response. One hundred horses came to take part in the show classes, games, and running events for all ages.

This was the beginning of a fun filled adventure that has produced many wonderful memories for us.

We met people from all over Kentucky and into Ohio, watched children learning to ride and showing their horses. Now we see those children’s little ones riding.

Many of you were so faithful. When our  monthly shows were scheduled, you were here. Of all of you who enjoyed our shows, no one enjoyed them more than we did. It was so rewarding to see something you love and enjoy, being enjoyed by people around you.

But time seems to bring change. As age, energy, and loss of family interest has come to make it too much to handle, no more shows are scheduled for now.

The arena is still in tact, lights, bleachers, gazabo an all, even the little out house. It may come to life again sometime in the future. Who knows. How can you tear down something you put a lot of work into and loved so much?

Each time I go about the arena, I can see the horses going around in it, hear you people laughing, clapping, and urging on the participants and visualize the fields full of trucks and trailers.

To all of you horse people we say, ride all you can. Enjoy your horses. Years go by much too quickly.

Charles and Louise Forsythe and our family