Apparently they don’t care

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Mike's Minute

By Mike Aldridge

At the risk of losing my good standing with the school I feel like I have to comment on the triple header with Fleming County held last Saturday.
While this will be seen as critical of the administration some of it is beyond their control or it is as the situation currently stands.  
If it should be or not may be up for debate.  
The basis for my remarks is built on my belief that it would not happen at a boys’ game so it shouldn’t at a girls’.   Before I go on I will also say that these are not my feelings only. I heard several express the same during and after the games.
The highlight of the night was the singing on the National Anthem by members of the Harrison County High School Choir.
Michelle Hassall was the director and the following singers did a bang up job: Brooklin Wiggins, Alex Hassall, Casey Newcomb, John King, Devon Williams, Jesse Klapheke, Logan Bruce, Olivia Moore, Marie Bowen, Michaela Bowen and Gracie Furnish.  
I am telling you that this singing was worth twice the price of admission at least and it is a shame more people didn’t hear them sing.   
The problems that as I see them will not be listed in any particular order.  I will start with the fact that this was not a rescheduled group of games but has been on the schedule from the onset and that none of the coaches were among those complaining.
There were no cheerleaders for the game. Cheerleading adds a lot to the spirit of the game and the moral of the home team.  
Other than not traveling on this night the Harrison County home advantage was pretty much negated. If the cheerleaders had been there they would have been alone since the renowned Stable was empty except for Joe Nichols’ son who sat there with his GI Joes.  
We had no band on this night. The band is needed for more than the playing of the National Anthem.  
At times out, the coaches from both teams instructions were audible on the other side of the floor. That is sometimes not such a good thing.  
The music recordings that are played during warm ups that I understand is selected by the players is, in my opinion, too loud and not enjoyable at all.  
I doubt that hardly anyone who pays to get in would not prefer silence to this “music.”  This is not only a problem at the girls’ games but the boys’ as well.  
There was an anniversary reception in the cafeteria where the concession stand usually is so on this night when there were three games, concessions were limited (no popcorn for one) and placed up the hallway near the men’s restroom.  
Lastly there was a lack of control of young fans that ran up and down the stands and nearly onto the floor for the last two contests.  
Only one member of the administration was in attendance, Mr. Switzer, who usually is and though he spoke to some of the youth, not much changed. In total, the situation was out of hand.  
I know that we have a lot of extra curricular events and that all administrators can not be at each of them, but I am comparing boys’ events to this girls’ trio of games.  
The assistant athletic director was also in attendance as were the two safety officers doing their jobs.  
Like I noted, this feeling was not mine alone but expressed by several in attendance on Saturday.