Animal shelter needs our support

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To the editor:
I visited the Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter on Tuesday for the first time. I arrived there at 8:30 a.m. and was greeted by Allen Fryman. Mr Fryman was very courteous and informative about the shelter. He said that the shelter stays full a lot of the time and has an 86 percent adoption rate.  That is awesome!
At the front gate are cages for people to leave unwanted pets after hours. I can remember when many people would just leave them on county roads to find themselves a home or die.  Some of those ended up on our porch.   
Mr. Fryman told me about the cat facility at the shelter that was built in the memory of Sally McKemie. Her parents, Frank and Jenny McKemie were neighbors of ours. They saved many animals from being euthanized.
Sally left this earth way too soon, but I am sure that she would be pleased to know about the facility.  Sally and her family’s legacy will live on forever.   
The shelter is a rescue for animals and humans alike.
We, as a community, need to support this worthy cause and the wonderful work that they do. Also the adoption fees in the month of June are lowered to $50.

Billy Hayes