Alabama relief

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By Gary Carter

To the editor:
A few weeks ago, Harrison County, in its usual fashion, responded to a community in need. The area was Franklin County, Ala., which received a direct hit from a large tornado. A group of local farmers decided to find a location similar to ours and help with supplying materials that would begin to put their lives back together. Nearly $15,000 of fencing and building materials were sent from Harrison County on a truck donated by Sadler Trucking (Mark Sadler). The following is an update on what happened to the materials.
Following the delivery of materials, Orlin Britnell, a local volunteer led the group identifying those who were in need of material. Each farmer had to apply and the volunteer group visited each site to determine the greatest need. The group also used GPS to make sure the farm was in the affected areas. On June 10 and 11 all materials were allocated to the farmers and every item was given out. Mr. Britnell said the farmers were very appreciative and many tears were shed. Many of those receiving supplies were amazed that someone would think of the farm community when sending supplies to the devastated area. We will supply updates in the future including local news articles and pictures of the relief effort.
I would like to thank all those who took part in the relief effort. I also feel good that the Salvation Army handled all funds which can be verified for this program. Last but not least, a special thanks to our local dealers and Mark Sadler for his truck, fuel and manpower to handle the supplies. Good job Harrison County.

Gary Carter
County Extension Agent
For Agriculture