“No spraying”

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To the editor:
To quote Joni Mitchell, “Don’t it always seem to go/ya don’t know what ya got ‘til it is gone.” For example, we haven’t had water consistently here at my house for three weeks now, but I digress.
Nature Chem will be spraying “50 miles of county roads for Johnson grass (Cynthiana Democrat, Sept. 15, 2011)” and I am writing to beg all farmers and people who live in the county who have milkweed growing on their fences to put up a “no spray” sign around the plants or cover the plants as without milkweed we cannot have Monarch butterflies and they are declining in numbers. Monarchs must have milkweed to survive. It is their main source of nutrients. I know we will all miss them if they become extinct.

Jean-Ann Kerr