‘Verbally attacked’ at public meeting

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To the editor:
On April 26, 2011, I took the following concerns about the Planning Commission to the Harrison County Fiscal Court meeting:
•Hundreds of illegal plat maps on file at the clerk’s office;
•Possible open records request violation or falsification from the zoning administrator;
•How the HA Jones property was approved for resubdivision;
•Letter from the county attorney promoting bias against me on behalf of the planning commission; and
•Conflict of interest because Avi Bear is chairman of the planning commission and his wife, Karen, is chairman of the Board of Adjustments.
After my comments, Avi Bear proceeded to verbally attack me on a personal level. The fiscal court did not immediately put a stop to this and when they finally did, would not allow me to defend myself. I’ve been told I have grounds to sue Mr. bear for character assassination. His comments are on tape and were witnessed by many.
Mr. Bear also said the planning commission and he shouldn’t have to fix anything that happened before the current members sat on the planning commission. Really?
So, something that was done illegally should remain illegal?
I’m calling for Mr. Bear to either immediately resign his position as chairman of the planning commission or be removed. If he’s willing to show personal bias against one Harrison County citizen, where will it stop? And is this what’s best for Harrison County?

Cathy Studer