‘Meet the Breds and Fillies’ has good crowd, interesting previews

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By Mike Aldridge

Several hundred fans filled the stands Friday night as the winter sports program participants at Harrison County High School were introduced and, in basketball’s case, scrimmaged for the spectators.
The evening was started with an introduction of Coach Luke Tucker’s wrestling squad, who came to the high school gym straight from practice at Southside.  
This was followed by a couple of the bowlers from the Harrison County High School bowling team and the mention of the archery group who were not in attendance.
The varsity cheerleaders were the next group to be introduced as they made an acrobatic move as each of the girls was individually recognized.  
Coach Jessica Reynolds has a mix of youth and veteran cheerleaders, four of whom are seniors.  
The varsity and junior varsity Fillies were the next group, beginning with their only senior, Elizabeth Boyers.   
The 20-girl squad has only two juniors, Jordan Doram and Haley Perkins, so the youth movement is apparent with the Fillies.  
Assistant coaches Garyn Price, Jenna Landacre and Chris Reffett along with manager Bonnie Moran joined head coach Kim Furnish to complete the girls’ introductions.
The boys’ team was then introduced from the six seniors down to manager Russ Crosswaite and the ball boy duo of J.D. Kendall and Ian Boland. The Breds’ other manager, Foster Burden, was unable to attend.  
This team has an interesting mix of the seniors, four juniors, seven sophomores and three freshmen for Coach Larry Kendall’s first team.  
Kendall will be joined on the bench this season by Ron Spicer, Jamie Case, Jason Crisp and Dr. Stephen Moses.  
Moses will coach the freshman and Spicer, the junior varsity, for Harrison County this season.  
Kendall will have the luxury of playing a very tall line up with Landon Palmer at 6-foot, 9 inches, Tyler Wagner and Elijah Gross at 6-foot-4 with two 6-foot-3 players in Jordan Martin and Trenton Thompson or a smaller faster line up.  
He could, and probably also will, play a mix of the two.  
The playing began with the boys and girls competing head to head in three-point shooting and another scoring game which were both won by the Thorobreds.  
The dunking contest brought out the first public coaching display from Coach Kendall as he told Grant Carr that Mason Ritchie could not jump over him to dunk.  
Gross won the dunking contest judged by an impartial group led by the person behind all of the work in the athletic department, Rosemary Whitaker.  
Each team played a scrimmage with the squads divided evenly to make for a fair and competitive game.  
The object was entertainment with both squads playing a fast-paced, not so much defense style of basketball.  
The Fillies started the scrimmaging displaying their plan to go up and down the floor and to use several players.  
The younger Fillies were nervous in this first outing and took a little while to settle down but when they did several of them gave a glimpse of some good things to come.  
Junior Jordan Doram and sophomores Kassidy Cook and Chelsea Ingram were three that stood out during the short scrimmage.      
The Thorobreds also showed a desire to move the ball up and down the floor with several breakaway dunks resulting from the style of play.  
This style of play displayed in the scrimmage was to the advantage of the quicker players in some regard as both Grant Carr and Scott Kendall stood out during the night.  
Big men Tyler Wagner and Mason Ritchie were also noticeable as their team, along with Carr’s, was the easy winner.  
A couple of players were injured and unable to play in the scrimmage.
Sophomores Trenton Thompson and Jordan Kenney each sat out of the action.  Thompson figures to get a lot of playing time this season for the varsity Breds.
The evening ended with some impromptu dancing featuring the cheerleaders and some of the more nimble basketball players.